Shipping Order Placed: TIPS

Here are important tips and reminders for how to successfully complete your shipping order:        

  • Confirm your bidder / buyer # (if vehicle was purchased at auction) 
  • Email your auction or broker to release your ownership documents to driver picking up your vehicle 
  • Confirm your consignee information (receiver or your car at destination port) 
  • Submit full payment to your auction for the vehicle, including any storage fees and/or late fees
  • Submit full payment for shipping                
  • Email us copy of your paid purchase invoice from the car auction or broker

1) Arrange pick up

For our dispatchers to arrange pick up with a driver, our dispatcher will need to confirm:                                       

  • That the vehicle is paid for at auction: we need a copy of the customer's vehicle purchase invoice
  • That the lot # and buyer # match        
  • That all shipping fees have been paid in full                        

2) Pick up:

Once pick up information is confirmed, the dispatcher will assign a driver for estimated pick-up and delivery dates       

  • Driver will be instructed to pick up the vehicle with your ownership documents (title)
  • Driver may pick up your car a day earlier or later from estimated assigned date                                  

3) Delivery to warehouse                                                                                    

  • Driver will deliver your vehicle to the warehouse with items provided by auction (keys, documents, etc.)
  • Driver may deliver a day earlier or later from estimated dates
  • Warehouse will take photos of the car at delivery and post them in customer's dashboard within approximately 3-5 business days                                                      

4) Warehouse Loading                                                                             

Customer should look at the photos posted by warehouse, if there are no keys in the photos then the vehicle was given to driver without any keys                                                                       

  • Customer should check tracking page- the ownership documents (title) status should state "warehouse"
  • This is a good time to think about buying ocean shipping insurance
  • The loading process at warehouse begins as soon as:
    • vehicle received at warehouse
    • ownership documents received at warehouse
    • consignee information is received
    • shipping is paid for
    • vehicle purchase invoice received
  • Loading time can take 10 - 20 business days, depending on port of loading and available consolidation                        

5) Sailing 

Once your vehicle is loaded, you will be provided with the following:                       

  • Container # (if your car is shipping via container)
  • Booking # (if your car is sailing via RORO)
  • Estimated sailing date
  • Estimated arrive date
  • Shipping line - you can use the shipping line website to input your container # or booking # to track your vessel and any date changes

Sometimes the shipping line can overbook and roll bookings to the next shipping vessel. If this happens, your sailing dates will change. After the vessel sails, US customs will mail your ownership documents to either the agent at destination port or back to EasyHaul and EasyHaul will send documents to your mailing address through FedEx.                 

        NOTE: this happens very rarely, but sometimes US customs can pull a container off the vessel for random inspection. This could delay your sailing date and the bill of this inspection will be passed to customer.        

6) Arrival 

Once vehicle arrives to port of destination, the destination agent will contact your assigned consignee.    

Any destination charges such as port fees, agent fees, unloading fees, customs fees, etc., will be paid at the destination port.

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